One Second Everyday

Hola amigos! We do still exist. It’s been that long since I’ve sent a post out into the ether that I have no idea if anyone is still listening. If you are, thank you!

It’s going to be a brief post as Kellie had another parasite removed from her body about four months ago. We like to call the parasite ‘Son’ or ‘Milo Elliott Ward’. We have decided to let him stay and hang out with us. He is pretty cool in-between all the crying, sleepless nights, vomit and poo. His smile is pretty fantastic and that alone is enough reason to get me up in the morning.

Instead of writing about what we have been up to I have put together a video. It’s one second from every single day over the last year. It contains really great and life changing stuff, like my unborn child’s first kick, his birth (not full graphic content obviously), hanging out with the ace friends and family he gets to grow up with. Even recorded the more mundane and crap stuff. All of life basically.

It made my wife and mum cry (in a good way obviously), and lifted some of the gloom I have felt over the last few days in this land we call ‘Great’ Britain.

‘One Second Everyday’ is the App if you are interested in doing it yourself. It does all the video editing for you so it’s really simple to make. I will be doing it for years to come.

The music is ‘Be right back, moving house’ by Ghostpoet.