Tandem honeymoon goes wrong – The plan and frustration

It’s the first day of our three month honeymoon and my Lord has it been eventful few hours. It wasn’t in the plan to be writing a post today. We should be sat weary legged at our maiden campsite, enjoying the satisfaction of pedalling to our bed for the night.

But we are not. No cycling action today. Just frustration!

Before I reveal the source of frustration, first I should finally announce our plans for this trip (Although they are so sketchy I’m not sure if you can actually call them a plan).

We are cycling Europe on a tandem for 3 months. Today we landed in Amsterdam and our final destination is Italy, via Belgium, France and maybe even Switzerland. I would like to get to Florence, as it’s a ridiculously romantic place and would be a fitting end to our honeymoon.

We shall see… Having never taken on such a challenge we don’t have a clue what distance we can cover, especially with over 60kg of bike and gear to haul. Hopefully we have an innate talent and we will be speeding over flats and mountains. If not we will just catch a couple of trains to help us on our way.

We haven’t booked a single thing. No house sits. No hotels. Nothing! This freedom makes me smile from ear to ear.

The tandem is our faithful steed, due to the fact that we are very different speeds on separate bikes and Kellie has a permanent scared face when solo cycling.

I’m proud of the fact that she is doing something that scares her. In fact I can happily say it scares me too!

For some this maybe a walk in the park, but for us newbies, deciding on a whim to cycle a large part of a continent is just a tad daunting.

That’s the plan revealed… What’s the problem?

So what happened today to make my blood pressure go through the roof? (You hopefully asked)


plan tandemNot in the plan – they lost this huge tandem

Yes, thank you EasyJet for losing our bike on the shortest flight distance ever. London Luton to Amsterdam, you practically take off and land immediately. Obviously the bike never made the flight.

I don’t usually get stressed, but stuff like this gets on my nerves. When you do all you can to make everything go smoothly and then hand it over to someone else and it goes tits up!

We sat patiently waiting, hoping, that the big beast of a bike was just taking it’s time getting from the plane to oversized luggage. But alas no, we are bike-less, for now at least.

After speaking to the Baggage Claim Desk we were left with no other options, find accommodation and wait for the bike to emerge from the depths of the black hole that is more commonly known as Luton Airport.

By the way EasyJet wont help you find accommodation, or offer to pay for their mess up or show any sympathy for your situation, that would be a ridiculous idea. Sort it out yourself is basically the message you get, whilst you hope that somebody pulls their finger out and finds your essential wheels.

Thankfully we had a campsite in mind, which is accessible by the fine Dutch railway system. One last rant though, we had to walk about 3km from the train station to campsite with 35kg of gear that is most definitely bike shaped and not human compatible, in the hot sun! We ruled out a place to stay in the town centre, the last minute prices were crazy.

Right my rage is over, the bike should hopefully reach us tomorrow (if they can find it).

plan cabin

We have checked into a wonderful cabin in the woods. Who cares that it only has bunk beds?! How romantic! I’m sat outside on a wooden bench enjoying the sun and the birds are tweeting away, plus Kellie just brought me a cup of tea and a packet of ginger biscuits. Happy.

LATEST UPDATE: The bike is due on a flight this evening! At least EasyJet appear to sort things quickly. Food update – We’ve had strong delicious beer and discovered the food in the Netherlands is amazing.

16 Replies to “Tandem honeymoon goes wrong – The plan and frustration”

  1. Well, it wouldn’t be fun if it was EASY, right?? 🙂 Glad the bike is on its way. And that you found a nice strong beer to ease your anger. Our honeymoon was much more low key…but way less cool. Good luck!

  2. May your bike show up with bells on and in one piece so you may continue on your journey. Also,I know this has been troubling you two, but fret no more! Your marital joining receives my blessing. You may breath easy now. Congratulations

    1. Phew!! I actually made a cardboard cut out of you to take to the wedding, it wouldn’t have been the same without you there. Me and the cardboard you have great chats, but he is sh!t at hacky sack.

  3. Oh gosh, that’s so frustrating. But, maybe it just means you weren’t supposed to start on the day you thought, the universe held you back for a reason, but now you’re good to go and safe travels!

  4. Oh man – what a pain in the neck! I hope it shows up with no issues and you guys can get your (honeymoon) show on the road! I can’t wait to hear all about it – I think it would scare me too, but I love the idea of tandem biking across a continent!

  5. Ugh. It’s bad enough when they lose your clothes, but your entire method of transportation, frustrating indeed! I guess you get what you pay for on those cheap airlines.

    Glad that your bike will be in your hands soon and you can begin your adventure. Looking forward to following along!

  6. Sounds as though you are off to a great start, really. Having frustrating things happen on a tour is, well, to be expected, better to have them happen at the beginning.
    Your ability to “relax” and take things as they come shows that you will do nicely in your marriage too, very important!

    1. Indeed I imagine this isn’t too bad compared to a seasoned pros stories from the road. Thanks for the marriage advice, I think we may need it on this trip 😉

    1. Thanks MJ Ray, we really do wish we’d caught the train. It seemed to be more hassle when we checked it out, little did we know…

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