Food tour – Foodgasms in Mexico City

It’s two weeks until my dear parents fly out to see us. Bloomin ‘eck, I’m excited!

I never expected for a minute they’d visit me here in Mexico. Beheadings and Cartels are the main source of (misguiding) news back in England.

Violence and drugs are not on my parents’ list of hobbies. I know you were wondering. Despite their concerns they bravely booked tickets and turned their backs on the usual two week venture to France.

Whilst my mother is asking questions like, “is it safe? “ and, “Do we need to bring our own towels and sheets?”

Yep, no and no. My mum has a strange obsession with towels.

My fathers’ only question was, “is the food good?”

Like father like son. Give us a delicious meal and a good glass of wine and we will probably marry you. Or at least co-habit then head off on an indefinite world adventure together.

Happily I can tell my father and everyone else who reads this blog. The. Food. Is. Flipping. Amazing!

It’s not just tortillas, nachos and salsa. This honestly was my limited knowledge before we landed here 6 months. I was fine with that, but we have since discovered much much more…

You can never know enough where foodgasms are involved, so we booked a food tour on a recent trip to Mexico City.  The day was spent mmmming and aaaahing as we drooled and devoured our way around La Colonia Roma, one of the Cities trendy suburbs. It was like THAT scene from ‘When Harry Met Sally’.

Meet Rodrigo our passionate foodie guide, from Sabores Mexico Food Tours, who led us on a journey of oral ecstasy… so to speak…

Rodrigo food

Rodrigo is a trained cinematographer, with an impressive CV, but he adores food and wants to bring this joy to others. I love him for this!

Tours are not usually my thing. I try, but my brain tends to drift off and think of more important things like, ‘what are we having for dinner?’ or ‘would I rather have accordion legs or tambourine hands?’. Accordions for legs, it would be the happiest walk ever and like having the music to ‘Amélie‘ as your life soundtrack.

On this day, these life altering questions were kept at bay.

It turns out if you add a lot of food, to a little history, and a bit of walking, you will have my full attention for at least 4 hours! Anyone trying to impress me, you now know how…

Rodrigo explained the area was devastated by the earthquake of 1985, where thousands of people lost their lives and many others fled. Slowly but surely people returned and Colinia Roma is now the place to be for foodies, writers, artists and hipsters.

Despite the earthquake many buildings remained standing or have been faithfully restored, with art deco architecture on most streets from wealthier times in the 1920’s.

foodgasm green

The sweaty hectic streets portrayed by Hollywood are a far cry from the reality. The movies shout ‘come to Mexico City and get kidnapped’ where in actual fact we always felt safe and loved strolling down the surprisingly green streets and friendly neighbourhood. Travel is still teaching me that many preconceptions are pointless.

The time galopped away, as the food came and the conversation flowed, along with a glass of French wine and locally brewed beer. I think I have waited too long….

It’s food porn time!

Foodgasm sopesTres Galeones and the delicious sopes, our highlight of the tour. A delicate blend of textures and flavours, which had us returning for more day after day.

Foodgasm saladOrigines Roma, an organic cafe where the locals flock daily and the salads change just as often.

Foodgasm pate

foodgasm cheeseGalia Gourmet, terrine and red wine. I could have lived in their refrigerator happily for several days. The French as a nation are renowned for great food, and restaurants like this help demonstrate what a real cosmopolitan city it is.

Foodgasm beerBeing a Brit I think I am meant to have it written in my genes that beer is good. Being honest I’m not fussed by it, but La Graciela microbrewery might change my mind…

foodgasm.jpgMore Mexican flavours at La Tlayudería de la Roma. A first for me sampling the tlayudas. We were getting stuffed by this point so wrapped up our leftovers to enjoy later, my nan would be proud.

foodgasm coffeeEspressarte a café, which has contraptions that look fit for a science lab. They are the Kings of coffee and I learnt things that blew my mind, but I can’t mention them here because Rodrigo might be miffed about me giving away spoilers…

Foodgasms galore my friends and not a nacho in sight! My Mexican ignorance is reducing mouthful after mouthful…

*We were given a small discount on the tour but all the views our own. We’d only recommend something that we’d tried ourselves and thoroughly enjoyed. 

13 Replies to “Food tour – Foodgasms in Mexico City”

  1. I really love your blogs – I wish you would blog for us at – Let me know when you decide to travel in an of the countries we cover, I will try hard to find you a housesit that makes your travel affordable.

    Please please keep blogging, Lamia

  2. We loved the food in Mexico – I’ve been craving it mega recently. Le sigh.

    Also – I am with you on accordion legs playing the Amelie soundtrack (love that movie!!).

    1. Good, choice. Life is filled with difficult decisions such as accordion legs, I’m glad you made the right one 😉

  3. Awesome pictures! I’m bookmarking this post and religiously writing everything down so I get to try as much (authentic) Mexican food as I can come October!! O.M.G. I can’t wait!

  4. We are trying to plan a trip to Mexico this summer, and just when we decided Mexico City will have to wait until next time, you guys go and post something like this. I think my #1 criteria when traveling has become good food. Now I’m torn again! 😉

    1. Big apologies! Mexico City is brilliant and we would massively recommend it, especially if like us you base your travel decisions on food…

  5. This food looks amazing, can’t wait till we get to Mexico (We will get there, although it may take a couple of years!) I have to say that I would have been happy with tortillas, nachos and salsa so all this makes it so much more appealing!

    1. Me too Andrew, the food was a very welcome surprise! There are just too many places to explore in the world, but I would definitely recommend Mexico when ever you get the opportunity.

  6. Ha ha, beheadings and cartels is about right. I started chattering in the office about ancient ruins, cenotes and street food tacos the other day and the looks of horror were hilarious. The food, as always, looks amazing! Have a great time with your parents 🙂

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